Antti Hellström is managing partner of the international consulting and training company Innotiimi. Innotiimi, a Finnish business unit part of the European consulting community ICG Group, providing services to help their customers in different challenges when overcoming changes in the organisation.

Antti plans and runs development processes with client organizations when they need changes to reach a new level. He is an expert on strategy, leadership and team building and has worked with more than 100 different organizations - helping them to succeed.

Can you tell us who you are and what your company is about?  

I work as a management consultant and business coach for Innotiimi ICG. In Innotiimi I am part of the leadership team.

Our mission is to help companies implement change, develop leadership, develop and implement strategies, as well as develop company values. We do this through training and coaching tailored to our clients’ needs and requirements.

How are you using Vuolearning?

We deliver face-to-face coaching and training for our clients companies and support those sessions with digital content to help their trainees consolidate their learning.

Vuolearning enables us to summarize what was covered during the training, illustrate it with pictures taken during the day, embed videos, and create tests with open ended questions designed to reinforce learning.

We also track the trainees’ progress and give them feedback on their answers.

Why did you choose Vuolearning? How has Vuolearning helped you and your customers?

We were looking for a tool that was easy to use for our customers as well as for ourselves. This was especially important as we didn’t want to spend time and resources learning how to use a new tool, preferring to focus on our core activities.

Being cloud based Vuolearning is easy to access and it offers great interactivity as we can track our trainees’ progress, and provide feedback.

We have been in contact with the customer service mainly in the beginning of our collaboration, and it was smooth and flexible.

What are your plans for the future?

We are looking to hire more consultants as we are planning to expand our offering with more e-learning options and will use Vuolearning to create the courses that will be sold on Innotiimi’s website.