Vuolearning platform prices starting from
1 admin licence
  • 300 active users / month
  • 40 GB cloud storage
  • Unlimited courses
(+ vat)
/ year
Starting from 3700€ per year

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One hour introductory training
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Content production

We provide time-saving services and pedagogical support to help you with building online courses
Ideas for online courses -training
The 1-hour training provides great tips and ideas for getting started with online learning! With this training, you will receive a comprehensive understanding of how to best utilize Vuolearning.
The training is suitable for teams that are taking their first steps in the world of online learning, and for teams that are more experienced but want to refresh their skills. The content of the training is tailored for each customer.
The topics of the training can include for example, course structure and design, content tools, tasks, motivation, and interactivity on online courses.
550 € + vat
Online course template
A unique online course template created by our online learning specialist, based on your needs and wishes
The template can be used as a tool to make course creation easier and more efficient in the future
750 € + vat
Online course project facilitation
Our online learning specialist will support you in the process of planning, building, and conducting an online course
As a result of the process, you will produce a complete online course with which you can start training right away
You will learn important know-how and tools for the development of future courses
1250 € + vat
Ready-to-use online course
Our online learning specialist will produce a complete online course based on your materials, wishes, and needs
The course will be delivered to you as a ready-to-use package with which you can start training right away
As a result, you will receive a ready-to-use online course that is user-friendly as well as pedagogically and inspiringly designed
Starting from
1450 € + vat
Platform branding
The platform can be customized with the brand image of your own organization. With branding, you get your own colors and logos that help you personalize the user experience for both trainers and students.
1500 € + vat
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Additional services

Single sign-on
Single sign-on allows using another system's credentials on the learning platform (ex. Office 365). With single sign-on, the user does not have to remember several different passwords and navigating between systems is easier.
Single sign-on also improves security when account management is centralized, and you don't have to remember to delete user accounts separately from the learning platform when the account used for single sign-on expires.
980 € + vat
Online store integration
You can automate payment transactions and delivery of courses related to the purchase of online courses. We offer integrations to Shopify, WooCommerce and MyCashflow online stores.
An online store integration is an additional service with a one-time fee. Shopify is our customers' most common choice, and it also offers a Finnish-language user interface and numerous different payment methods. You can purchase only the integration to the learning platform or also a branding for the store and training for how to use the store.
Starting from
820 € + vat
Transfer course completions
An integration between an external HR system and Vuolearning can be set up. With the help of the connection, course completion data and completion schedules are automatically transferred to the HR system.
With the integration, the performance register in the HR system stays up-to-date without additional manual work.
Starting from
2150 € + vat

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