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Fast and user‑friendly online learning platform

Vuolearning is an agile learning platform for interactive online training

Share information
Create tests
Real-time reporting

Online learning partner for over 250 customers from different industries

Quick and efficient content creation
Utilize existing materials and create rich content
Interactive learning
Add assignments, discussions and videos to courses
Easy to use on all devices
Courses are easy to attend and Vuolearning works on all devices from computers to smartphones
Sharing courses is flexible
Versatile options for user management and sharing courses
Real-time learning analytics
Follow course analytics and use the data collected to develop better courses
Makes the trainer's job easier
Build learning paths and schedule the release of courses

Read our customer's experiences

“The key criteria were Finnish origin, ease of use, cost-effectiveness and ability to cover the company's diverse training needs with a single platform”
— Anne Kesänen, Berner Oy
“We paid particular attention to the usability, functionality and visuality of the service”
— Elina Taponen, Urban Growth Vantaa Project
“This learning platform is just what we needed: it is easy to use and intuitive for course creators and participants”
— Kira Sipilä, Vahanen Group
“Successful onboarding for young, seasonal employees with the Vuolearning platform”
— Moominworld
“Vuolearning has been a great help for us in supporting our staff's continuous learning in the changing industry. We want to focus and invest in the competence of our staff now, and in the future as well.”
— Eeva Puska, Rinta-Joupin Autoliike

Vuolearning is customizable to your needs

Scales to your needs
Vuolearning scales according to your needs and you can increase your use as your training activities expand
Support for integrations
We implement single sign-ons and integrations with HR systems, customer portals or online stores
Custom branding
The learning environment can be styled based on your company's brand

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Vuolearning is a learning platform for motivating and interactive online onboarding and training. Contact us to learn more.