Learning together

What does digital learning look like in today's classrooms?

Avani Yadav 12.10.2018

Today’s classrooms include a lot of technology like computers, iPads and smartboards while teaching. Teaching methods practiced today are very different compared to traditional teaching methods. As a student, I was curious to know how digital learning is shaping education and to hear teachers’ opinions on this change.

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Blended Learning Handbook

Janne Sivula & Johanna Pellinen 18.06.2018

Blended learning blends the best out of face-to-face classes and e-learning. In blended learning digital tools are not competing against traditional methods of teaching and learning, but rather complementing them, improving efficiency and flexibility of the learning process. Blended learning is one of the most effective training and learning methods. Therefore most prestigious consulting and training companies such as Ernst & Young use it. Blended learning is exploited by diverse organizations from local schools to multinational giants such as Oracle or Cisco. We can confidently say that blended learning is here to stay. We encourage you to read this document to discover the basics of blended learning, interesting cases and advice on how get started.

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“I fully recommend Vuolearning… I really appreciate their passion” - Interview with Hannu Säkkinen from Finnish Leadership Academy

Ayana Akabae & John Cacafranca 23.01.2018

Following on from the previous customer interview, we would like to introduce to you Hannu Säkkinen who will talk about his experiences and thoughts on Vuolearning. Hannu is the founder and CEO of Finnish Leadership Academy and has been in this role for the past 2 years. As an entrepreneur with a passion for improving leadership skills and company culture within the businesses he works with, Hannu’s insights on how Vuolearning helps his clients are certainly worth a read.

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Smart usage of exercises in online courses

Johanna Pellinen 03.01.2018

Exercises form an essential part of a learning experience – sometimes the most important one. In online courses the exercises may play a more important role. Here are some ways to benefit from exercises and how to create good ones.

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“VuoLearning was ground-breaking... ahead of its time” - Interview with Kimmo Vehkalahti from the University of Helsinki

Quynh Nguyen & John Cacafranca 04.12.2017

We recently caught up with a passionate user of VuoLearning, Kimmo Vehkalahti. Kimmo has been working at the University of Helsinki in various duties for the past 20+ years. Currently he works as a University Lecturer at the Centre for Research Methods at the Faculty of Social Sciences. He teaches thousands of students a year, both in the University of Helsinki and elsewhere through ‘Massive Open Online Courses’ (MOOCs), specialising in Statistics and Data Science. Kimmo is a Founding Fellow of the Teachers’ Academy of the University of Helsinki. He was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to tell us how and why VuoLearning has revolutionised the way he teaches.

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