Online learning made fast and easy

Share information, create assignments and have discussions all on your own device

Fast and powerful content creation

Import existing material

Use Vuolearning to create courses from your existing materials. You can import PowerPoint or PDF files and enrich them with multimedia or tasks.

Versatile content

Use the editor to edit existing content or add new content. You can also add rich content like videos or assignments.

Easy to use on any device

Accessing a course is simple

Vuolearning is a cloud platform, so you do not need to install anything - the easiest way to access a course is by clicking a link. You can also restrict access to specific users.

User-friendly even on mobile devices

Vuolearning is responsive and adapts to any device from a computer to a smartphone. There is also a presentation mode for presenting content on large displays.

An interactive learning experience

Tools to support learning

Search functionality makes learning more fluent. Users are also provided with an easy way to give feedback about the material.

Discussions and peer learning

Vuolearning provides a chat for sharing information and asking questions. You can also create tasks with support for peer review.

Real-time learning analytics

User progress reports

Reports about user progress are automatically generated. You can track how the group or individual users have performed. The data can also be exported to excel.

Data to improve course contents

See where students spend time and how videos are being viewed. This helps improve your material.


Security is an integral part of our services. Here are some ways we implement it:
  • All traffic to and from the platform is encrypted
  • We monitor our services to ensure reliable performance
  • We restrict and log all access to customer data
  • Our data centers are located in the EU region and we are fully GDPR compliant



We can create custom styles to match your brand.

Single sign-on

Sign in with your organizational account to ease user management.


Integrations allow communication with external systems.

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