Fast and easy e‑learning

Share information, create assignments and have discussions all on your own device

Vuolearning platform

Platform features

Vuolearning provides features for content production and training management.

An interactive learning experience

The service is mobile friendly and easily accessible from any device
Tasks, discussions and peer review provide interactivity
Support for self-assessment and tracking your own progress

Real-time learning analytics

Track users progress on courses
Give feedback and provide support for those in need
Improve course content based on data about usage

Fast and powerful content creation

Create versatile and interactive content with images, videos and tasks
Use Vuolearning's patented technology* to easily convert your PowerPoint, PDF or Word files into editable format within our learning platform
* U.S. Pat. No. 11,615,635
Embed custom content such as SCORM files

Flexible user management

Limit course access to desired users or user groups
Use groups to automate user management and retrieve group-specific reports
Single sign-on allows using another system's credentials or groups on the platform

Manage trainings through learning paths

Track users progress across multiple courses
Set target schedules and limit completing the course to a specific timespan
Optionally force completing courses in order

A comprehensive competence development tool

Track different forms of learning and competence easily with one platform
Make accomplishments and development visible with task lists, milestones, and conversation notes
Stay up to date about your organization’s competencies and ambitions with competence profiles
See what features we are planning to build.
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All traffic to and from the platform is encrypted
We monitor our services to ensure reliable performance
We restrict and log all access to customer data
Our data centers are located in the EU region and we are fully GDPR compliant


Vuolearning strives to be accessible for most user groups and platforms. Our online learning platform mostly meets WCAG 2.1 A and AA level accessibility requirements. You can read a more detailed description in our Accessibility statement.


Read more about customization and integrations from the Pricing page.
We can create custom styles to match your brand.
Single sign-on
Sign in with your organizational account to ease user management.
Integrations allow communication with external systems.

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