“I fully recommend Vuolearning… I really appreciate their passion” - Interview with Hannu Säkkinen from Finnish Leadership Academy

Following on from the previous customer interview, we would like to introduce to you Hannu Säkkinen who will talk about his experiences and thoughts on Vuolearning. Hannu is the founder and CEO of Finnish Leadership Academy and has been in this role for the past 2 years. As an entrepreneur with a passion for improving leadership skills and company culture within the businesses he works with, Hannu’s insights on how Vuolearning helps his clients are certainly worth a read.

I fully recommend Vuolearning… I really appreciate their passion.

We would really like to thank Hannu for taking the time to answer our questions, he was able to find a time slot for us during a long commute which shows how busy he is! Read the full article below.

Can you tell us a bit about your company, Finnish Leadership Academy?

Yes, of course. We make management and leadership training geared towards helping companies create a strong company culture. We aim to help companies create the best place possible for their employees to work by developing their company culture.

How are you using Vuolearning?

We provide an eLearning solution for our customers using the Vuolearning platform. There are many types of courses and content we provide for self-studies using the platform. The training we carry out for companies is through self-studying and we use Vuolearning to provide this, so the trainees can access all the content online and on their mobile devices.

What tools do you use within Vuolearning?

We mainly use text, photos and tables. We use a quite simple format so we can concentrate on the content of our courses and we let the Vuolearning platform design the rest.

Why did you choose Vuolearning?

That’s a good and long story (laughs). I can tell you shortly, though. I was exploring many eLearning platforms a couple of years ago to understand what kind of functionalities we need for our projects. Then I came across Vuolearning and chose to use them as they provide strong options for easy to use and user-friendly platforms. I found out about Vuolearning when I was exploring the various eLearning platforms available. I visited an exhibition in Helsinki and saw Vuolearning’s name on the exhibitors' list and decided to go talk to them. There, I met Johanna (CEO of Vuolearning) and that’s basically where the story began. Then after a few months, we were co-operating together!

How has Vuolearning helped the people you train?

We have been very happy to provide eLearning courses through Vuolearning. I think our customers can see the platform is very clear and it’s easy to use. One key point which is very important for me is we can focus entirely on the quality of the content and we don’t have to create anything else; it’s just very simple.

Do you have any comments regarding the customer service Vuolearning provides to their customers?

I have to say that they are very helpful. They actively try to solve any problems and I really appreciate their attitude and passion to help.

Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Yes, I would like to say that I can fully recommend Vuolearning as a platform as well as their service attitude which is very good. When we talk about the platform and the functionalities I can highly recommend it, especially if you’re looking for something very easy to use to create courses.

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