Anu Karppinen has worked as HRD Manager at Aro-Yhtymä since October 2016. Aro-Yhtymä is the owner of Autokeskus, a full service car dealership chain. They serve their customers in seven cities: Helsinki, Hämeenlinna, Raisio, Tampere and Vantaa. In Kerava they have an Outlet-store and in Turku a separate car service.

The car brands they represent are BMW, Citroën, Ford, Nissan, Peugeot and ŠKODA and also have a large variety of convertible cars and a multi car service. At Autokeskus they have around 500 professionals who serve their customers in various car matters from new car needs to any kind of car services and fixes.

What are you using Vuolearning for?

We produce and share online courses to our own personnel. We started to use Vuolearning last spring, and since it is so easy to use we got the introduction training for the numerous summer workers ready for them when they came in.

We also had another race against time, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which was fully launched in May. Just before the finishing line we could present our own online training for data protection by using Vuolearning.

Why did you choose Vuolearning?

We needed a simple tool which provides enough functionalities to produce, share and manage courses for internal needs, but at the same time is simple and easy to use. Vuolearning could answer these needs and the set up was quick and easy. Also, the fact that the platform enables the use of existing materials, was a big advantage.

How has VuoLearning helped you and your employees?

For us Vuolearning has already been a great help for internal training. The platform helps us share information and knowledge in an efficient way. Online courses provides convenient way to complete courses on any device our staff wants to use and whenever the timing is right for them. The platform is really simple and easy to use.

How is Vuolearning's customer service?

Vuolearnig’s customer service is fast and friendly and available whenever it was required. They also listen our feedback and really make an effort to solve any problems we’ve faced.