Pohjanmaan Siivous Oy specializes in corporate cleaning services in Vaasa, Seinäjoki and Oulu.  Vuolearning has helped our employees work more easily and efficiently. According to Pohjanmaan Siivous human resources manager Sanna Pelkonen, during the Covid-19 pandemic in particular, the Vuolearning learning platform has facilitated training and communication when arranging appointments in the usual way was not possible.

Sanna Pelkonen works as a human resources manager in Pohjanmaan Siivous Oy

Pohjanmaan Siivous employs about 200 cleaners to carry out professional and environmentally responsible corporate cleaning. It’s important for the company to provide its employees with a pleasant work environment where everyone gets the conditions to succeed and grow as individuals.

Vuolearning has reinforced positive experiences with online training

In January 2021, Pohjanmaan Siivous began using the Vuolearning learning platform to develop their onboarding process for new employees by making their materials available in the learning environment.

“Employees’ experiences of online learning have become increasingly positive since we started using the Vuolearning platform. It’s not always necessary to hold a training session or briefing in person. Holding them online saves time, amongst other benefits,” Sanna Pelkonen says. The company already offers nine courses in the Vuolearning learning environment, and three more are in preparation. New material is transferred directly to the learning platform, from where it can be made conveniently accessible to personnel.

“We have three units and many employees, and with Vuolearning it’s easy to distribute materials to everyone involved,” Pelkonen continues.

Digitalization eases the onboarding process

The Vuolearning platform was initially introduced in the company for onboarding purposes because previous methods were found ineffective.

“Going through materials and different work-related topics with a new employee always takes up someone’s time. Also, people usually don’t digest information right away. The Vuolearning platform has facilitated the onboarding process, as new employees can go through the materials that have been shared in the learning platform before starting their employment. And they can do it at their own pace. Vuolearning has also made it easier for each of our units to use the same onboarding materials, and the information shared with everyone comes from the same site,” Pelkonen explains.

She recommends initially focusing on the essentials when creating online courses and monitoring how the courses work and how they are received by the employees. Through the learning platform, Pelkonen has also been able to follow how new employees go through the material.

Online learning anywhere, anytime

The employees of Pohjanmaan Siivous have found Vuolearning platform straightforward. Because learning is not tied to any specific time or place, they can take the courses from the comfort of their own homes. This is ideal for employees.

The company has found the learning platform to be easy to use. According to Pelkonen, Vuolearning’s customer service and technical support team have been very helpful and quick to respond.

“Our partnership with Vuolearning has gone really well.  Vuolearning is a user-friendly platform. I recommend it to all companies that are considering going online with their training. Go for it!” Pelkonen finishes.