Professor Sami Pajunen teaches building technology and technical mechanics at the University of Tampere, arranging courses for hundreds of students each year. The Vuolearning learning platform has been introduced in support of teaching.

"Vuolearning has recap material for the core elements of the course. Learning outcomes are improved by providing information in a better, ‘pre-digested’ format," Pajunen explains.

Strength of materials, and basic courses in Statistics and Dynamics, are already on the platform.

Professor Sami Pajunen teaches building technology and technical mechanics at the University of Tampere

Switching to digital teaching materials

"We moved to online digital teaching from a clean slate, having used traditional textbooks and PDF files before then. It needed work, but surprisingly little, and less work will be needed next fall," Pajunen adds.

Student feedback has been very positive. Most feel that the platform is highly beneficial and use it to review for exams.

"I wanted to switch to digital teaching materials so I could provide core material in an easier form," says Pajunen.

The Professor plans to add videos and use the platform for other courses.

Vuolearning is intuitive and easy to use

"Students find the learning platform easy to use. The platform is so intuitive that it doesn’t have to be taught," Pajunen sums up.

The Professor wanted an intuitive digital environment to help him make everyday life easier for students. In addition, Pajunen has found Vuolearning to be an effortless teaching tool.

"The platform is very intuitive, it works in just the way people think. The program is stripped down, but has the full range of features needed. Vuolearning is very easy to use," Pajunen comments.

Customer service also plays a key role in everyday use of the tool.

”Vuolearning includes outstanding customer service. It is fast and accurate. It has taken only minutes to get a response, which is important when using the platform for teaching. I haven't encountered any bigger problems, but it's good to know that you can get support quickly. This makes you feel confident about using the platform for teaching," Pajunen says.