"Berner has a range of businesses and several locations. Vuolearning enables us to study and learn smoothly, regardless of place or time," says Anne Kesänen, HR Manager at Berner Oy, describing the use of the Vuolearning platform.

Berner Oy is one of Finland's leading manufacturers of branded products and an importer of internationally renowned brands. Berner introduced its own Finnish production facilities in the 1950s. Well-known brands manufactured at its Heinävesi facilities include XZ, LV, Herbina, the Rajamäki etikka (vinegar) range, Oxygenol, Lasol and Korrek.

The headquarter of Berner is located in Herttoniemi. 

Online training of employees on the online learning platform

Berner needed a shared digital learning platform or tool for staff training. The company compared platforms and chose one based on the overall offer. The key criteria were Finnish origin, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and ability to cover the company's diverse training needs with a single platform. Vuolearning was chosen on the basis of these criteria.

The idea was to start using Vuolearning for induction before the platform was introduced. Training had been difficult because employees arrive at different premises at different times. However, well-designed and easy-to-use online learning makes time and place irrelevant.

"Vuolearning has made everyday life easier. When new staff has so much to take in at once, the platform makes it easy to return to topics when there is time to explore them. An employee can also access information from day one. The learning platform eases the work of managers, who don’t have to remember everything at once,” says Kesänen.

Vuolearning has been rolled out in stages at Berner. HR was in charge of introducing the platform, but the next step is to add manager training and move towards business training.

"Various templates and content are easy to produce with the platform. It will clearly create many new opportunities: Vuolearning can be used in many ways at Berner," Kesänen explains.

Making work easier with an eLearning platform

At Berner, the main benefits of the platform have been easier induction of new employees, sharing of information, and management of personnel.

"Sharing information is easy. It is also easier to take into account the pedagogical perspective. We can now create clearer processes and have a centralized information source to which we can return. Vuolearning shows who has been viewing the material, enabling us to ensure that everyone has the same starting level," Kesänen sums up.

Berner has also used the learning environment to highlight key issues. The company's Code of Conduct has been posted on the platform, including a mandatory course for all employees.

Customer service is another clear benefit.

”Vuolearning provides excellent customer service. User training is outstanding and easy to arrange for both new and old employees. Help can be obtained quickly whenever needed," says Kesänen.