Learning together

The most common challenges in acquiring an e-learning platform – And how to overcome them

Johanna Pellinen 28.11.2017

Adopting an e-learning platform is more than just a software purchase – renewing the work and developing the culture of learning. This sometimes causes the process to feel overwhelming. Here are the most common challenges and ways to overcome them.

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Creating an online course – how to get started

Johanna Pellinen 27.09.2017

Getting started is often the biggest step to take – and this also applies to creating online courses. Even when one has robust expertise and experience of successfully delivering a number of on-site trainings, creating the first online course is a new challenge. Nevertheless, it is a challenge worth facing, as online courses can provide a new level of efficiency and scalability in your training.

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7 tips for selling more trainings and improving learning experience

Johanna Pellinen 12.09.2017

Digitalisation generates new business opportunities for trainers. Inspired by the new money making prospects, a number of trainers work hard to create their first online courses – sometimes with rather modest sales figures. When taking your business online, it is not enough to know your substance – you have to change the way you productise and market your offering.

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The future of your company is just a click away

Verónica Escamilla 17.08.2017

How would you react if you found out that the formula for success was standing just in front of you? I guess that just like most people, you would start rubbing your hands, and prepare your mind to get focused on taking the first steps on that path right now.

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The Design of Successful Digitalization

Johanna Pellinen 09.08.2017

Imagine a well-designed office space. The space is functional helping accomplish one’s daily tasks, a convenient space for concentrating on the work and communicating with the team. Furthermore it is beautiful, even inspiring and provides a pleasant experience whenever one enters it.

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