Code of Conduct Academy is an online learning store that promotes a culture of doing the right thing in Finnish working life. Training is offered from a wide range of perspectives, but the main theme is always responsibility and the development of corporate culture. Online courses by the Code of Conduct Academy are built on the Vuolearning platform.

Picture: Jani Utriainen

The aim of the Code of Conduct Academy training is to promote corporate responsibility, an ethical corporate culture and good compliance practices by raising employee awareness. Thanks to its adaptability, online training plays an important role in staff development.

"Awareness and understanding are important to increasing genuine corporate responsibility and preventing irresponsible behavior. Changing a company's strategy is not enough: concrete change starts with people," says Niina Ratsula, founder and CEO of Code of Conduct Company.

Flexibility is a key advantage of digital training

With online courses, all information is available 24 hours a day, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with or review themes that are necessary and topical just at that moment. Licenses can be purchased for a single course or for the entire course offering, for individual employees or all personnel, as needed by a company.

Companies want their activities to be both tangible and measurable. All staff can complete the online courses, because digital learning is not dependent on time or place. Once everyone has completed a course, companies can rest assured that all staff have been trained in the related themes.

"The Vuolearning platform works for us, due to its flexibility. The needs of our customer companies vary, which makes the digital aspect a key feature. The system can be used in a range of ways, from training of all staff to meeting the needs of individual managers or employees," Ratsula explains.

Collaboration offers more than just a training platform

Code of Conduct Company has been using the Vuolearning platform for individual online courses since the company’s early days, i.e., for about two years. This spring, use of the platform extended to the launch of the Code of Conduct Academy, which covers a wide range of continuously updated courses with varied content. Vuolearning was chosen as the course platform from the start, due to the practical tips and help provided as soon as collaboration began.

"The longer we use Vuolearning, the more certain we are that we will continue using it in the future. We have done market research and explored other service providers, but we highly value the support provided by Vuolearning, and its development of the platform in line with our wishes," adds Ratsula.

Cooperation with Vuolearning has been rewarding in a number of ways. For example, the online store was built on Shopify, as advised by Johanna Pellinen of Vuolearning. The solution has functioned extremely well: course offerings are easy to display and the necessary integrations work flawlessly.

"Vuolearning takes good care of us and listens. We are impressed by the support they have provided in developing our business. You could say that Vuolearning is a service built by listening to customers,” Ratsula continues.

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