Easy solution for smart trainers

Share materials, deliver assignments and have discussions with your own device - fast and easy

Simplicity itself, but very smart indeed and with added sophistication

– Learning Light, UK's leading elearning consultancy provider
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Jump-start with your own learning material

Automatic conversion from PowerPoint and Word documents saves your time.

You can focus on what matters the most.

Update and upgrade

Fast editor for creating rich content adding multimedia and assignments.

Responsive design allows you to make quick fixes on the go and add images and videos with your smartphone.

Beautiful on any device

Learn anytime, anywhere.

Interactive tools are available to support teaching and learning.

Activate and validate

Instant messages spike discussion and intensify learning.

Assignments help to test and validate learning.

Insights on learner needs

Feedback and analytics allow you to focus on the most impactful acts and make your training even more meaningful.

Use online data to know where to focus your on-site time.

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