E-learning is your tool for progress”

To teach is not to transfer knowledge, but to create the possibilities for the production or construction of knowledge (Paulo Freire)

How would you react if you found out that the formula for success was standing just in front of you? I guess that just like most people, you would start rubbing your hands, and prepare your mind to get focused on taking the first steps on that path right now.

Moreover, I am convinced that no one, with the formula in their hands, would keep it in a drawer, waiting for the appearance of a perfect mood sometime later.

Since the dawn of time, men and women have sought for the formula, and in their tireless quest for success they have tried hundreds of strategies. At the end of the day, only those who applied the correct equation managed to reach the peak of true success.

Today, that formula is available for anyone. It is filling the shelves of entrepreneurship books, and recited in the most prestigious universities. It can be so easily accessed that we try to trick ourselves to postpone its practical application for another time.

Success = (K + S) x A
K = Knowledge
S = Skill
A = Attitude

We are living in the age of knowledge, but it is not only the kind of knowledge that is changeless, regulated and officially approved. Today knowledge has no barriers, and it changes so fast that a single click differentiates the one who knows from the one who does not know. It distinguishes the agile from the one who is asleep.

Business opportunities and professional productivity are transformed so rapidly that only those who are capable of being proactive and adapting will reap the benefits.

When it comes to skills, we are all born with some, but what good are your skills if you don’t apply them?

A silenced skill is as unproductive as obsolete knowledge. It might have been an asset yesterday but it is no longer productive, because anything that is of profit can be measured, counted and demonstrated.

So far we have seen two parameters of the formula: Knowledge and skill, and they are summed together on our way to success. However, if we pay attention, the formula has also the attitude as a multiplier.

The attitude multiplies because it knows no limits or barriers, it doesn’t make excuses, it finds out the best solutions and grabs the moment, turning it into success.

We live in the era of entrepreneurship, and training is the key that opens the doors.

We have no more excuses of time, place and money that used to prevent you from succeeding.

E-learning is a daily provider of options for professional improvement.

The platforms adapt in time and form to the one who uses it, acting as the stage for your home run.

Why choose online training?

ACTIVE LEARNING. Time is related to the relevance of knowledge, and online training gives access to knowledge here and now.

FLEXIBILITY. Do you want to improve your work but do not have the time? Learning opportunities follow you wherever you go, fits any a place in your agenda and adapts to the moment.

THERE ARE NO GEOGRAPHICAL BARRIERS. Only one device with internet access is needed to access the information. It is a democratization of knowledge making it accessible to everyone.

HIGHER RETENTION. Several studies assure that 25% more are retained in e-learning processes than conventional classroom methods. It is likely that the factor of self-learning and self-discipline will make the student take an active part in the process, thus speeding up the adoption of new concepts.

ECONOMIC SAVINGS. According to the well-known magazine Training, 66% of the budget that a company invests in training its employees is spent on transportation and accommodation. This expenditure is completely eliminated with the e-learning training model.

TRAINING FEEDBACK. Due to this new concept of education, the channels of communication between students and teachers are extended, giving students a more active role and leaving aside the model of conventional education in which students were only receiving information. The e-learning tools facilitate this participation, since the information flow between the student and teacher is updated by real time interactions. The online education allows collaboration using tools such as chats, forums and mails. Training activity is enriched with the active flow of information and this means a substantial improvement of the training process.

EVALUATION OF THE CONTENTS. It is important to take into account the advantage of being able to watch and analyze the learning process in detail. This ease of monitoring benefits both teachers and companies.

It is important for the company to keep a detailed track of the learning process of its employees, the number of times they connect, the content they have accessed, satisfaction with training and evaluation of the concepts that have been defined.

Doing this helps us improve the way we serve our customers, since a trained and motivated team is a safe value for any company.

It’s always easy to blame others. You can spend your entire life blaming the world, but your successes or failures are entirely your own responsibility. You can try to stop time, but it’s a complete waste of energy. (Paulo Coelho)